Why should you hire a content writer?

For many organizations working for social impact, hiring content writers is at the bottom of the list of priorities. Particularly in the case of organizations that deliver direct assistance to communities in vulnerable situations, it is incredibly difficult to find the time, funding and even energy to look for a compatible content writer.

However, you would be surprised at how efficient content writing can be at streamlining your communication and saving valuable time. Why?

Well, organizations will often delegate writing jobs to workers who are already busy with plenty of other tasks. So writing becomes yet another thing to do on the checklist, one which requires time and attention and which will divert important human resources from other, more vital tasks. Instead of being an opportunity to craft a unique identity for the organization and to share recent stories and activities, writing is turned into a bureaucratic process without much intrinsic value.

Especially in the case of organizations for social change, writing is an extremely valuable tool to show how your current activities are fulfilling the specific mission of your organization. Whether we are talking about website copywriting or long-form articles, sloppy and boring descriptions of what-has-been-done-where are a terrible replacement of well-crafted narratives.

Bad writing will keep potential supporters, donors, partners and volunteers away from your website, newsletter and social media.

So when your exhausted co-worker, who is usually responsible for direct assistance or some other function, is finally done with writing whatever s/he was told to write, publishing it might prove more detrimental than just not having any content at all.

You have wasted time and human resources to complete a task which will not meet the intended goal, e.g. mobilizing and engaging people to follow the work of your organization.

By hiring a content writer whose sole purpose is to, well, write, you are allowing a professional to take the lead and freeing your other workers to focus on what they are really good at.

Consider hiring professional content writers. In case you do not require ongoing work, freelancers are probably your best option. But if you are planning on devoting a lot of time to your communication strategy and planning, then an in-house content writer is even better.

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