Trends in feminist communication during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impose lockdowns all over the world, feminist organizations are swiftly adapting to this new reality. The pandemic is presenting its own set of challenges for women in terms of work-life balance, violence, labor rights, etc. And feminists are on the look out for all the ways COVID-19 is affectingContinue reading “Trends in feminist communication during COVID-19”

3 reasons why social marketing differs from nonprofit communication

Nonprofits get excited about the prospect of communication campaigns for behavior change. It’s their chance to tackle the issues more directly and actually encourage people to alter why and how they act. However, nonprofits are also keenly aware of the importance of brand visibility. After all, it’s what ensures followers, funding, and supporters. But socialContinue reading “3 reasons why social marketing differs from nonprofit communication”

Why anti-sex trafficking campaigns need a makeover

[This essay is also posted on Medium and it was originally submitted as an assignment for the course Communication, Culture and Media Analysis of the Master of Communication for Development of Malmö University. Feel free to clap!] This essay will focus on the international art project A Penny for Your Thoughts. We will start by contextualizing this projectContinue reading “Why anti-sex trafficking campaigns need a makeover”

Why should you hire a content writer?

For many organizations working for social impact, hiring content writers is at the bottom of the list of priorities. Particularly in the case of organizations that deliver direct assistance to communities in vulnerable situations, it is incredibly difficult to find the time, funding and even energy to look for a compatible content writer. However, youContinue reading “Why should you hire a content writer?”