Communication is essential for organizations, particularly those who want to work for social impact. Together, we can come up with a communication strategy that fulfills your goals.

Through writing, content creation and social media management, we can design a unique strategy that showcases what your organization is doing differently – and why the rest of the world should know about it.

An effective communication strategy for social impact organizations must be a mix of effective digital marketing tools but also engaging and informative content which follows the principles of communication for social change:

  • It should be empowering
  • It should have a horizontal approach
  • It should give a voice to marginalized communities
  • It should aim for more than individual behavior change and tackle social norms and policies

Through an innovative approach which incorporates storytelling, social marketing and advocacy, we can fulfill the principles of communication for social change and optimize them for the 21st century.


Blog posts, newsletters, articles, website copywriting.

Content creation

Engaging and informative graphics, animations and videos to keep your audience hooked.

Social media management

Managing accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Let’s work together

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